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In 2006, there was a " Chen Shengyin " of the Rice University Varsity player, participated in the Cheap Vikings Jerseys draft, he is a football player, eventually to third round of X ( specific I really forgot ) was selected by the New Orleans saints, in preseason decent performances, as well as regular season starts to grasp opportunity, midway through the season has been gradually replaced the veteran card, became the team 's chief kickers. The first season, he and his teammates in the Super Bowl loss; second years, they finally once again into the shock bowl, the opponent is very influential patriot, the game in the final 3 seconds, the saints in the 45 yard line, they trailed by 6 points. At this time Bracey observed the former situation: Kerr Stone, Stella Voss and Henderson are rivals locked position, only bench running back Reggie Bush from the right side did not pay attention to the position of dart, Bracey has no other choice, a medium distance passing, Bush received the ball, which is indeed the opponent's defence weakness, but some people still flutter first down, washed up people hindered him a bush, a beautiful turn, past the opponent, but his position at that time, was already close to the right side. He then was pushed by people, whole body was leaning out, but he tried to keep balance, ultimately did not fall out custom broncos jerseys At this time, finally no defensive player interference, Bush finally the boundless plain rushed into the end zone, 55 yards passing touchdowns! 20 to 20! The clock has to "0 "!

At this point, Chen Shengyin go on the pitch, he knew, must be kicked the penalty, victory truly belongs to the saints Nike Vikings Jerseys.Although not difficult, but the the second grade or understand the playing component. One shot, no problem! On the start screen saints wild celebrations picture ... ...

See here, perhaps some friends have understood more talk rubbish in what to say, but some people do not know what it means Minnesota Vikings Jerseys It is not difficult to guess, this is I in the second half of 2006 are in a game, MADDEN NFL 07 added a special mode: SUPERSTAR MODE. In fact, originality is not particularly, is to let you create a himself, and then participate in the draft ( didn't like the later models so complex, a draft performance comprehensive evaluation ), give you a random sequence, and then join the team Vikings Jerseys. Throughout the process, the player to only a few minutes, but if the limited performance opportunities to play well, then the index increased, playing frequency will be more. Of course, in addition to their own, you can also control the game, is the other player performances can also. However, you can control the player's choice, even tactics, this is totally in accordance with the computer settings for. From this perspective, SUPERSTAR MODE and general SEASON MODE or less. dai20121226