Packaging engineering Jordy Nelson

Jody - Nelson ( Jordy Nelson ) performance as a bench outside the third grade students took over, the play an unforgettable match, 9 balls for 140 yards, and one touchdowns Minnesota Vikings Jerseys Cheap,helping the Green Bay Packers to a 31-25 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, won the forty-fifth Super Bowl champion.

The Kansas State University graduates first second half paragraph received a pass from Rodgers after toward the end zone, helping the packers to obtain 7-0 leading edge, fourth first half, once again he received Rodgers's long pass, this time for 38 yards, as the packers won the excellent attacking position, then Jennings catching touchdown, the touchdown he also denied womens vikings jerseys.Nelson the field 140 yards receiving distance quietly broke a record, he replaced in the first Super Bowl the ball 138 yards Max McGee, become the packers in Super Bowl the catcher 's longest player. And the height of 6 feet 2 inches ( 1.87 m), 217 pounds, and took over in his first two seasons in one of only 55 times to catch and 2 touchdowns, but as the team veteran Delev constantly injured, his opportunities are increasing, this season he had 45 catches on, in the playoffs on 12 occasions, referred to their own touchdown he said: " Aron gave me a look, I know where to go, and we MVP smoothly and put the ball in my hand, so simple youth vikings jerseys. I think this show is my lifetime all unforgettable, it's incredible, so be hardly worthy of belief.

"At the awards ceremony, NFL President Roger Godell says, " although this is the smallest city league teams, however, they won the biggest victory in the race, Vince Lombardi 's coming home today custom vikings jerseys. " Packers coach Bob Macarthy said: " in section third we showed a little ups and downs, but luckily we successfully adapt to the pace of the game, we made great efforts, we finally won a championship, we take Bardi home Cheap Steelers Jerseys. " This is Green Bay history of fourth Super Bowl Championships, the last time was in 1997, the packers beat the new England patriots, and history of the League to two super bowl is composed of Green Bay won, respectively, in 1967 and 1968. dai20121226