The beautiful media with NFL Yao Ming

Some day in the future, if the American Football League (Nike Steelers Jerseys ) appeared in influence and athletic level in NBA and Yao Ming quite China Star, you will pay more attention to American football?

In April 26th, " Buffalo News " website ( ) published the article says, Wang Kai's goal is to NFL like Yao Ming in NBA that influence Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys.The article thinks, in Saturday's NFL draft fifth round, Wang Kai Bill was drafted into the NFL, became the first Chinese player before the occupation, NFL had also has Chinese ancestry players, for example last rookie, played for the Patriots safety Patrick bell. Wang Kai was born in Virginia, Fairfax, parents are from China Beijing, he is well aware of the historical significance of after being picked.

Wang Kai said: " ( picked ) are very important to me, means that I'm a first name ( Chinese players ), I feel very proud Steelers Jerseys. " Wang Kai NFL road in him at the moment of birth has been doomed to his parents, he is a former Chinese track and field athletes, father mother run main high jump, 100 metres hurdles. In high school, Wang Kai excelled in basketball, that his parents put him as the future Yao Minglai foster, but when Wang Kai in the American football show more talent, and as a tight end selected the best lineup in the fourth grade university, winning the state title of the best player Chicago Bears Jerseys. In the University, Wang Kai's position by a tight end to tackle, represented the Virginia Tech in NCAA competition, as he left Jiefeng started 13 games, and was elected to the the Atlantic Division second team.

Bill wanted to use the sign bit off a tackle, but in the fifth round, found 1.95 meters tall, weighed 314 pounds, Wang Kai was still in the field, so as to pick up a piece of treasure off him Bears Jerseys,Bill team general manager Bardi - Nicks said in an interview: " in the 5 round, he is cost-effective very high, he was very strong, intelligent, with a left Jiefeng due qualities, he has a good sense of balance, can provide effective protection for the ball, he will have better development. " dai20121226